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Ol Parker(writer/director)
Check out his answers to your questions

Twitter: @olparker1


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07/05/17: Lena Headey, Cersei in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Has Her Own Power Moves

04/13/2017: Piper Perabo - The Jersey Girl You Should Know

03/24/2017: Ol Parker's new project: 'Full Monty' director, 'Marigold Hotel' writer team with Monumental for 'Alex Woods'

Lena Headey to star in immigration drama

03/17/2017: Lena's movie "Thumper" at Tribeca Film Festival April 20-23

: Piper interview about working with the IRC

03/10/2017: "Game of Thrones" comes back on July 16!

02/19/2017: Trailer for Piper's movie "Black Butterfly":

02/09/2017: Lena Headey & Nick Frost Join Dwayne Johnson In Fighting With My Family’


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Black Butterfly ..May 26


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Game of Thrones ... July 16

Fighting With the Family


The Flood


The Good Wife(CBS)




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