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     Anthony Head is best known in the U.S. for his role as Rupert Giles in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, which made him an international star. Back in the UK, he has been seen in a number of projects including MANCHILD and the award winning LITTLE BRITAIN, while continuing to guest star in notable dramas such as SPOOKS, REVERSALS and NEW TRICKS.
     After making his West End debut as Jesus in GODSPELL, Anthony Head went on to star in many acclaimed stage productions, as diverse as Peter Shaffer's YONADAB, CHESS and THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. His career went from strength to strength; with guest leads in many TV series throughout the late 70's and 80's including SECRET ARMY, ENEMY AT THE DOOR, LOVE IN A COLD CLIMATE and HOWARD'S WAY.
     No one, however, could have foreseen the effect that a series of commercials would have. The "Gold Blend" ads in which Head starred transformed the face of advertising and changed the way Anthony was perceived in the UK. After shooting a series of equally successful "sister" ads for the US, Head went in search of widening his audience. His first forays into American television were as a guest on NYPD BLUE and then joint lead in the cult Fox series, VR5.

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Cast List

Rachel: Piper Perabo
Luce: Lena Headey
Heck: Matthew Goode
Tessa: Celia Imrie
Ned: Anthony Head
Cooper: Darren Boyd
Ella: Sue Johnston
H: Boo Jackson
Beth: Sharon Horgan
Edie: Eva Birthistle
Zina: Vinette Robinson
Rob: Ben Miles
Priest: John Thompson
Mrs Edwards(last flower shop customer): Mona Hammond
Gordon(last chance flower customer): Rick Warden
Mrs Webster(first flower shop customer): Ruth Sheen
Auctioneer: Philip Bird
Laura(pregnant customer): Justine Mitchell
Trevor(taxi driver): Gerard Horan
Anna(woman on the plane): Angel Coulby
David Steele(break-up plant customer): Ben Willbond
Natesh(H's boyfriend): Krishan Naidoo
Ms Fosley(H's teacher): Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Michael 1: James Thorne
Michael 2: Tom McKay
Mr Cornell(herb garden customer): Andrew Dunford
Terri(video shop clerk): Kellie Bright
Singing Cyclist: Carl M. Smith



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