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Comic-Con 2008

WB and FOX promotional posters for "SCC"

Matthew's solo "Watchmen" poster

How to describe Comic-Con 2008....CRAZY!!! But if you have ever been to Comic-Con its always that way. Matthew was there for "Watchmen" and Lena for "SCC", "The Broken", and "Laid to Rest". My friend, Annie, and I were all over the place.

Matthew's appearance was on Friday of the con. We didn't make it into the panel for "Watchmen", but I saw that there were a couple of "Watchmen" signings going on. Matthew wasn't listed for those, but I got wind of a possible signing at the DC booth and since Matthew wasn't part of the others I figured he would be at this one. I kept checking over there, but the DC people always said they didn't know anything. So, I kept hanging around the area and sure enough, about the time that the other signings were about to begin, the DC booth workers began hanging up "Watchmen" posters, including Matthew's solo poster. A few minutes later they said people could start lining up for autographs. So, Annie and I hopped in line and soon we saw Matthew making his way over. Matthew, his "Watchmen" costar, Malin Akerman, and "Watchmen" illustrator, Dave Gibbons were doing the signing. We made our way up in line and when we got to Matthew, he was just as sweet as could be. Along with the "Watchmen" poster, he signed some IMAY items for us and posed for photos with us. We talked about the IMAY site, and he mentioned he had just seen Ol not to long ago. He was pretty overwhelmed with all the "Watchmen" craziness and we didn't have a lot of time to talk. Matthew was a doll and hope you all get a chance to meet him.

Matthew posing for photos with me and Annie.


Lena's appearance was on Saturday of the con. Most of the time at Comic-Con you have to make choices...panels or autographs. The first SCC signing was at 10am and the panel was at 11:30am. We decided to go for the panel and get good seats there(good thing, too...we heard there was a line of like 4000 to get into the room). So we were in the initial line at 3am to get those seats and yes there were people in front of us, some had their sleeping bags. Once we were in the building and everyone went there separate ways, we were 1st in line to get into the room where the SCC panel was. Right behind us in line was Laura and Jeck, from Dekker Daily. So we past the time chatting about our favorites, Lena and Thomas. They have a great site,so be sure to check it out. Then we finally made it into the room, waited through 1 panel, met and chatted with Kate and Erica from Sarah Connor Society(another great site) and finally it was time for the SCC panel. The panel was great, but always too short. Annie got up and asked the question about Lena and her tattoos, which got a great reaction from the cast and crowd. Thomas said that was his favorite question of the panel. Their was a mad dash when the panel ended of people rushing up to the stage to get things signed. I got Lena's attention and told her we would see her downstairs. We then headed to the Fox booth, where the second SCC cast signing was to take place. By the time we got down there, they had already passed out all the tickets for the signing. So, we went and had lunch with Laura, Jeck, and Erica then went back over to the booth to see the craziness of the Fox signing. Up next was Lena and Thomas Dekker signing for the movie,"Laid to Rest". As we were waiting for them we got to talk to Rob Hall(the writer/director of "Laid to Rest" and SCC makeup artist) and a couple of the writers from SCC. When we got up to Lena at the signing she said "Let me give you a proper greeting" and she got up and gave Annie and I hugs. Annie was surprised that Lena remembered her from the event in January. I was wearing my "Flowered Up" shirt and Lena got a kick out of it. I told her about meeting Piper in June and we talked about Piper's play. We hung around there until she finished up and then it was off to the After Dark signing for "The Broken". We made some more friends with the people that ran the After Dark booth during the weekend and I hope you all get the chance to see "The Broken" as part of Horrorfest. This was a short signing for Lena and when we got up to her the After Dark people were telling her how we were always checking in at the booth about her signing and Lena says "these are my girls". We got a chance to talk with her for a few minutes after she finished up. She was exhausted with doing the press, panel and 4 signings that day and we were wiped having been up since 2am.


"The Broken" photo and flyer given out at the After Dark booth.

Horrorfest and "Laid to Rest" promotional posters

Comic-Con program pages

Video of Lena and Matthew during autograph sessions at Comic-Con

A couple of minutes of Lena at the SCC Comic-Con panel


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