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I'm back from Toronto, having spent time on the "Covert Affairs" set with Piper. My buddy Annie and I got to watch what all goes into filming the show. I have to say that the cast & crew of the show are the nicest group of people. THE BEST! We spent time with Robbie(3rd AD), Sarah(2nd AD), Jackson(Script Coordinator), Sophie(SPFX Dept), Brian, Kelly, Debra(Hair/Makeup), Trysha(Costume Dept.), Lowell, Paul, Derek, Kevin, Pratima, and so many more seeing what they all do to put the show together. They all work so hard to make "Covert Affairs" the best show possible.

As usual, it was a hectic day on set for Piper, as she was in every shot filmed. She is such a hard worker and all the cast and crew adore her. We chatted with Piper about her first Comic-Con (she had a lot of fun), what's coming up for "Annie", what she might be doing during her hiatus from "Covert Affairs", and more. We were talking about the possibility of Lena coming on the show/her appearance on "White Collar" and Piper did her impression of Lena...so funny. Piper is just the sweetest!!!(and she is great at recommending restaurants!)

Meeting Peter Gallagher was such a pleasure. I've been a fan for a long time and he has some great stories to tell. I surprised him by having the album jacket from his first movie "The Idolmaker". Everyone got a kick out of seeing Peter as a "teenage idol". If you get a chance, check out the 1980 movie. Peter is actually going out with his one man show and he was talking about the songs he would be singing in the show.

Chris Gorham wasn't working the day we were there with Piper, but we got to come back and meet him the next day. He is a doll!!! We talked about Comic-Con, Twitter, "Auggie's" new girlfriend and more. Did I mention what a sweetheart he is?

A big thank you to all the cast & crew at "Covert Affairs" for our fantastic time there.



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