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Golden Apple Comics - SCC Event Jan. 5, 2008

The day started at 9:30 am for my friend, Annie and I as we went to the store and we met fellow SCC fans Tiffany, Lee Ann, and Diana(all big Summer Glau fans)who were already in line for the event at 4pm. The store opened up at 10am and we talked with the owner about the event and how everything was going to be setup. The owner was super nice and they did a great job with the event. We hung out in line chatting with everyone, talking about SCC and everything scifi. We were soon joined by Kelly, who had emailed me through the site. Kelly had flown in that morning from DC and was flying out that night. The line started to grown about 2 pm with the crowd eventually growing with over 250 people showing up. They event people came out and handed out giftbags filled with an 8x10 SCC cast photo,an SCC hat and penlight, then gave out SCC tshirts. Lena's publicist came out and I chatted with her and the WB publicist, both were surprised at how many people had come out for the event and traveled from all over the country for the event. They asked about us being interviewed by Fox and we said sure. Check it out here (that's Kelly, Annie and myself at the very end of the video).

At 4pm we were allowed into the store, given SCC posters as we entered and there is Lena sitting behind the table chatting with various press people. We had to wait for a little bit before they allowed us to go up to the table, as Thomas, Richard, and Summer arrived. During this wait, my friend Annie, who had never met Lena before and is a huge fan, was getting more and more nervous. Lena continued talking with the press and greeting her costars as they arrived. You can tell the cast all get along and have fun with each other.

They started letting people go up as soon as the cast was set. I let Annie go first, because I just love seeing her expression when she meets people. First up was Summer. Nice lady, very gracious. Lena was next and Annie didn't faint, but was babbling a lot telling Lena she was nervous. Lena was wonderful with her and just told her not to be nervous. Annie was blaming me for getting her hooked on Lena and Lena just looked at me and said "Hi Lori". I just smiled and said hi back letting her finish talking with Annie, signing her IMAY dvd cover and getting Annie's picture with Lena. I was next and Lena and I talked about the charity auction and how surprised she was with the fan response to it. She said she is looking for items to put out and has her bow from Brothers Grimm...she just has to find it. So, we'll see what she comes up with. I would have gotten my pic with Lena, but Annie left in "Lena haze", which she is still apologizing for. Next up was Thomas, who is such a doll, a super nice guy and then Richard T. Jones is riot...so funny!!

After I went through the line, I went back and was taking photos and video of Lena...she'd look over and see me and just start laughing. But the cast were all joking around and having fun meeting the fans. You have to remember the rest of the cast did this at Comicon, but Lena was running late and missed that at Comicon, so it was her first time doing this kind of event.

They started showing the pilot as the cast continued signing, since the line was pretty long. It was great! After that they cast did the Q&A.. videos below.

The cast then left and did some more press in the back of the building. Afterwards, James Middleton, Josh Friedmann and Thomas Dekker came back out and chatted with the fans.

Annie and I with Thomas Dekker after the event.

It was a crazy weekend, but so much fun!!!



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