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I caught Lena outside one of the press events that she was doing for the "SCC". I saw her going in, but they were rushing her in to get to her interviews. I decided to wait till she came out. During that time I got to talk with Thomas Dekker, who plays "John Connor" in "SCC". We chatted for awhile and he only had the nicest things to say about Lena. He was very nice. I also saw Summer Glau, but only got the chance to say 'hi' to her.

When Lena did come out, there were others there trying to get her autograph. I got her autograph and a photo with her. Since it was so crazy, I mentioned to her about the charity auction I'm working on with Ol and gave her info about it and said everything was in there and she could get back to me. When she finished signing for fans she went to get her car and I walked away to get sorted. I had to pass her as I went to my car and as I walked by she called out my name and said to come over and she would go ahead and give the info I needed for her participation in the auction. I talked with her about the auction. I asked her if she was ready for Comicon, she said NO!!!. I told her I would be there and she wanted to know if I would be dressed as a Klingon...I said NO!!!. We talked about SCC . She was very sweet and funny. Super nice lady.

I'm still in a haze from meeting her. I was shocked when she called my name as I was passing by. I hope everyone someday gets the chance to meet her, but below is my moment captured for a everyone to see....


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