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     The object of Rachel's desire in IMAGINE ME & YOU turns out to be none other than her wedding's florist, the spirited but entirely unexpected Luce, played by one of England's brightest new stars, Lena Headey, who most recently was seen in THE BROTHERS GRIMM with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger.
Luce's gifts go beyond her floral arrangements, as she plays a kind of constant therapist, advising those who come into her shop looking for flowers that will say just the right thing -- be it love, hope or regret. But when Luce feels a frighteningly powerful spark with a newly married woman, the only advice she can give to herself is to lay low and stay out of it . . . or at least try.
     Headey, who previously starred in LOVED UP, also written by Ol Parker, was once again attracted to his fresh, contemporary style of writing. "I loved the script immediately. Ol has this unusual ability to capture how people really talk in life and the story is as honest as it is funny. It doesn't sacrifice any of the truth to also be a lot of fun," she observes.
     The journey of Luce - from a strong, independent woman reconciled to being alone to a woman who is suddenly overcome with mad, passionate love - also attracted Headey. "I think in the beginning both Luce and Rachel think they're quite settled into who they will be in life. They've accepted their lot - and then along comes this moment when -- pow! - something happens and flips it all every which way," she says. "The interesting part is seeing how they work it all out."
     As for the notion of "love at first sight," Headey believes it truly does happen, but that it's entirely beyond rational explanation. "We've all had that moment where you look into someone's eyes and there's some kind of recognition there, whether you act on it or not," she observes. "But what is that thing that we see? I don't think we'll ever really know, which is part of what makes it so beautiful."
     For Ol Parker, Headey's performance captured some of that beauty as well as the humor of the character. "Lena is brilliant and hilarious," he says. "I always loved the idea of this florist who is sort of like a road-side therapist because she's involved in the most intimate moments of people's lives - births, funerals, weddings. It's a funny notion and Lena plays it so perfectly. Every time Luce is in her shop, you start to see further and further into her character."
     Sums up Sophie Balhetchet: "Lena is a natural actor for Ol's style - there's something about her tone that absolutely suits his writing. She has a mixture of strength and vulnerability that's ideally suited to Luce and this story."

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