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Luce: You're a wanker, number nine!

Luce: Don't forget me.
Rachel: I won't remember anything else.

Rachel: I can't...
Luce: I know.

H: No problem is insoluable given a big enough plastic bag.

Heck: You know I want you to be happy. But I want to be the cause of happiness in you.

Rachel: Everyone promises you happily ever after...but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.

Ned: I love the smell of hot dogs in the morning. Smells like...hot dogs.

Ella : Sweet sh*t in a bucket, what's wrong with you?

Rachel: Now tell me about the lily?
Luce: The lily means....the lily means I dare you to love me.

Coop: To Rachel and Heck, may they grow old together sharing the same pillow.

Heck: Coop wants to play strip poker or strip Cooper and I want him to go home.

Heck: It's not you leaving me that will kill me,its you loving someone else more.

Rachel: This thing happened, I wasn't looking for it, it just happened and although its over you have a right to know...I went crazy Heck, I went crazy for someone and it wasn't you. I'm so sorry, I'm so very sorry, please believe me.

Luce(to H): I believe that I will be with one person for the rest of my life, but that person will be a woman.

Luce: Tell me to walk away and I will.
Rachel: Is that what you want?
Luce: I want you.

Heck: How long is the flight?
Girl On Plane: 24 hours, plenty of time.

Ella: You did nothing wrong.
Luce: Yes, I did, truth is, I'd do it again.

Tessa: When was our last vacation?
Ned: Summer of '94, Great Barrier Reef, you scared all the sharks away.

Luce: What does she like?
Heck: You know what she likes...lilies, she likes lilies.

Luce(to Rachel): Cover me, use the dress, I'm going in.

H: You look like a merangue.

Edie: She's not just hetrosexual, she's barbie hetrosexual.

Heck: Luce is gay.
Rachel: She's gay.
Heck: As a tennis player.

Heck: All good.
Rachel: Always.

Coop: Beneath this rough exterior beats a sensitive soul.
Luce: No there doesn't.
Coop: No there doesn't.

Rachel: I'm staying Heck, I couldn't, wouldn't leave you. You're my best friend and what was enough before will be enough again.


Coop: F**k me if I'm wrong, but I think you want to kiss me.

Luce: I'm gay.
Heck: Uhm...lovely...well done.

Rachel: You make me feel something I absolutely cannot feel.

H: Why is the alphabet in that order?

Heck: I like this jam, I really like this jam, I should make, I could make jam you know.
Rachel: Of course you could.
Heck: You don't think I can.
Rachel: Absolutely not.

Ella: Well, I may be older than God, but I can still make an effort.

Ned: That might've just been the shortest honeymoon in history.

Beth: So heck's taking you out tonight.
Rachel: I 'm taking him out.
Beth: How perfect.

Heck: What you're feeling now is the unstoppable force,
which means that I've got to move.

Ella: Does my daughter have a date?
Luce: No, but you could.

Heck: Edie are you gay?
Edie: Am i gay? I'm ecstatic!
Heck: Are you two?
Luce: No.
Edie: I've tried and tried, but she loves another.

Rachel: What was enough before will be again.

Coop:Yes I do work out, 12 pack on this puppy.
Luce: I don't really like a man with muscles.

Tess: Will you f**k off about the f**king candles!

Rachel: Stop the car. I forgot to pee.

Coop(to Heck): I fancy the flower girl...I get a vibe that she likes me.Do you get a vibe that she likes me?

Rachel: Whoever is behind there come out before we beat the crap out of you!
Heck: Yeah...dammit.

Rachel(refering to the lesbian porn video): I don't want to watch that.
Heck: Why?
Rachel(as she leaves the room): It doesn't turn me on.
Heck: That makes one of us.

Heck(to Rachel): When I'm around your parents I remind myself without them I wouldn't have you.

Luce: You don't mess with other couples.

Michael: We just met tonight.
Heck(looking at Rachel): Yeah, sometimes I feel we did too.

Girl on the plane: Oh, you're writing a book? Cause I can read.

H: Do penquins have knees?

Tess: Cooper that trolob..he'd shag an open wound.

Luce: You should ask her, not me.
Heck: Bless you, but I can't ask Rachel if there is something wrong, that's way to scary.
Luce: Why?
Heck: What if there is?


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