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Theatrical Release Dates

Canada.....September 9 2005 (Toronto Film Festival)
USA.....January 27 2006 (limited)
Australia.....February 23 2006
Israel.....March 30 2006
Greece.....April 27 2006
Spain.....May 5 2006
New Zealand.....May 11 2006
Germany.....May 25 2006
Netherlands.....May 25 2006
Austria.....May 26 2006
Belgium.....June 7 2006
Italy.....June 30 2006
United Kingdom.....June 16 2006
Finland.....July 7 2006
Poland.....July 14 2006
Portugal.....August 17 2006
Argentina.....September 6 2006
Singapore.....September 21 2006
France.....November 29 2006

"that pic actually came from a moment after I'd said cut, where the girls were laughing, as were we all, and they just hugged.  and our nice photographer was there to capture it.  we actually looked at editing out my voice, and keeping that moment in the movie, but we thought the near-kiss that immediately follows it would be more tense if they hadn't just cuddled like that.  but it's good that the photo exists, it makes me happy, and I'm glad it makes others happy."....Ol Parker

IMAY's world premiere was at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2005.

The hat worn by Rachel during the football game is actually Ol Parker's.

How long did it take to make IMAY?
Three years, script to screen.  Ol started writing it in January 2003, finished it in May 2003, filmed it 18 months later.

Timeframe that the story is supposed to take place in IMAY is six-eight weeks.

Ever wonder what Rachel's occupation is??? She is a copy editor for a newspaper called The Guardian. There was a scene written, but never filmed where Rachel told Luce this.

During the video store scene, Rachel's mother notices a stand-up cut-out of Ewan McGregor and remarks on his attractiveness. McGregor's wife, Eve Mavrakis, was the production designer for the movie.

Producer Barnaby Thompson's father portrayed the priest in the movie.

Original Title: "Click"
Film was shot October 2004-December 2004

Running Time .....93 minutes

Film Production Budget.....$7,900,000
**From TheNumbers.Com

Theatrical Grosses(as of 8/15/06):
**From BoxOfficeMojo.Com

US DVD Rental Gross
(as of 9/11/06)
.....$10.8 million

IMAY Goofs:

When Rachel is approaching Luce, she is bending down with shears in her hand at the flowers. As Rachel passes Luce, both of Luce's hands are in her jacket pockets. Then Luce turns to Rachel in the shop and the shears are back in her hand.

In the videostore, the video Rachel is holding when you see it, has one cover for "Georgie's Bush", but when Tessa comes in and Rachel tries to hide the video, it has a different cover.

When Heck and Rachel are getting ready for the dinner party, you see Heck tucking in his shirt when the doorbell rings. But when you see Heck go to answer the door his shirttail is out.


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