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Differences between the IMAY Shooting Script and the finished film

The script has dialogue in the car with Ella and Rachel... Rachel says she doesn't know if Luce will have her if she sees her, because she said no and sent her away. Ella says to her "Don't look at me. Dumbest thing I ever heard."

The rooftop scene between H and Heck....H says that she took the bus there all by herself and its the furthest she'd ever been.

The script has Rachel not telling Ned and Tessa that its Luce in the car on the way to the flowershop, not in the house.

In the birthday cake scene, when Ned says the line about the candles dripping wax, the script has Heck leaning over to blow out the candles, but they are comedy ones and relight...Heck then leaves.

When Coop is leaving the flowershop after confronting Luce ...in the script, his last line to her is "oh spare me. You think you love her? Join the bloody club."

The script has Heck singing "Love Me Tender" when he comes into the flat drunk.

In the script, the scene with Heck and Rachel in the woods, while Rachel is talking to Michael and Michael, Heck walks away. Rachel notices and follows. When she catches up, she asks "what's up?". Heck lays into her saying that it was a crappy evening where they barely talk and then suddenly she wants to shag in the woods like they were kids. He then tells her to sort out whatever is going on with her and says he'll walk home.

Scene in the script, but not in the film.....This is the day after the football game date and Rachel is at her office, thinking about Luce. Someone goes by with flowers and she picks up her phone to dial, but then hangs it up.

It is actually in the script that in the opening scene, Rachel brushes her tongue.

The scene on the rooftop between Rachel and Luce...in the script it takes place outside on the rooftop with additional dialogue. Luce asks about Rachel's ring. Rachel says that Rob keeps asking Heck for Luce's number. Luce gives her a phone number,Rachel looks surprised. Luce says she is giving him 'the HELP,I'm trapped in the closet' hotline. Rachel laughs and sways slightly...Luce grabs her hand and says not to fall. Rachel says I'm not falling.

In the script there is a scene after Luce and Cooper leave Rachel and Heck's loft. Heck closes the door as Luce and Cooper leave, Heck turns to say something to Rachel and she's not there. She is cleaning up and Heck says he's already done it. Heck says come to bed and you might get lucky.Rachel says she is tired. Heck goes to the bedroom and Rachel turns and looks at Luce's flowers before turning the lights out.

During the scene of Luce and Cooper at the restaurant after leaving Rachel and Heck's the script has additional dialogue. Luce talks about her dad leaving her mom and how it changed it her mom. Luce asks if Rachel and Heck have been together for a while. Cooper says decades and that he introduced them.He wishes he hadn't because he fancied Rachel himself.

In the film, Luce and Rachel first exchange words at the punchbowl. In the script, Heck and Rachel are receiving guests and Heck first introduces Rachel to Rob and then he introduces Luce to Rachel. Rachel complients Luce on her shoes and Luce does the same for her dress. Rachel then says "I look like a meringue" and Luce says "I like meringues". H then interupts then.

In the script,during the soccer game Luce doesn't put her arms around Rachel and its Rachel that yells out "Your a wanker #9". Also there is no scene of them walking out of the soccer game.There is a scene of them talking at the arcade, where Luce asks Rachel about what she does...she's a copy editor at the Guardian. Rachel asks Luce when she knew she was gay...Rachel asks Luce when she knew she was gay. Luce asks when did Rachel know she was straight. Rachel says "always", Luce says "me too". They look around and see the dancing game and go for it.

In the film, the standup in the vid shop is of Ewan McGregor. In the script,its Pierce Brosnan.

In the script during the scene where Rachel is inviting Luce to dinner, there is a line where Rachel asks Luce if she will be bringing someone with her to the dinner.

In the film, Rachel and Luce go their separate ways after H's school presentation. In the script, they decide they both have some time, so Rachel and Luce wind up at a beuaty shop, where Rachel is checking out the products while Luce watches. Rachel asks Luce if she has a certain kind of cream and Luce says she's fine without it. Rachel then finds a lipstick and says it would look great on Luce. She trys to get Luce to put it on, but she doesn't want to. Rachel then takes Luce's chin in her hand and starts applying it. They are aware of how sensually charged thingsa arebetween them as they are staring into each other's eyes as Rachel applies the lipstick. When Rachel finishes she says it looks great and walks to the next counter.

In the film, at the end Rachel yells "Luce" and then "You're a wanker #9". In the script, Rachel yells out "Luce, I love you." repeatedly. When she is about to give up, she quietly says "I love you" ...she then sees Luce climbing up on a car.

In the script, it says Luce drives home from the reception

In the script, Luce sits down in a church pew in the back after locking eyes with Rachel. When they start the ceremony, she leaves.

In the script, there is a scene of Luce arranging flowers in the church before the ceremony.


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