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      A refreshingly unconventional and witty comedy about love's myriad forms and constant surprises, IMAGINE ME & YOU begins as a young bride discovers love at first sight on the day of her wedding... unfortunately, not with the man of honor.
     In a singular moment of sudden awakening on the altar, everything changes for Rachel -- played by Piper Perabo in a lively departure as a quintessentially modern British woman - when she is suddenly forced to reconsider the meaning of happily ever after on entirely new terms moments before her honeymoon has even started.

     When Rachel shows up at the church on what promises to be a fairy-tale wedding day, she is thrilled to be devoting herself for life to her long-time sweetheart and best friend, Heck (Matthew Goode). That's when the unthinkable happens. In a moment that overturns everything in which she thought she believed, Rachel catches the eye of a complete stranger, the wedding's florist (Lena Headey), and like a bolt from the blue, recognizes her soul mate. Though she moves ahead with the marriage, something has profoundly changed.      Everything about life is suddenly in question; and Rachel and her brand new husband are thrust into a journey that is at once disarmingly funny, decidedly bittersweet and definitely familiar to anyone who has ever fallen -- for better or for worse -- under love's intoxicating spell.

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