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The Advocate - January 31, 2006
by Anne Stockwell

Romantic comedies usually end with a wedding. But Imagine Me & You, the new lesbian romance by British filmmaker Ol Parker, starts with "I do" and unravels from there. Piper Perabo (Lost and Delirious) plays the proper bride who's distracted by a dashing lesbian florist (Lena Headey).

How did you convince Ol Parker to cast a girl from New Jersey in his British comedy?

It was a fight. Ol's wife, Thandie Newton, was going to play the florist. My agent sent me the script knowing I'd always wanted to work with her. Then she and Ol got pregnant, and she couldn't do it. But eventually I talked him into coming to New York and just letting me audition for him.

How did Lena Headey land the role?

Lena and I had spent the previous spring together in Romania doing this action movie--the Carpathian Mountains, not exactly a day spa. We became fast friends. When I heard they were considering Lena, I called Ol and said, "It's such a good idea."

How was it shooting your love scene with Lena among the roses in her shop?

You can try to get all the thorns off roses, but there's always still a couple them. They would work their way up your clothing, down your--it was very, like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

You seemed to love playing Paulie, the hot-headed lesbian teen who's determined to win back her girlfriend in Lost and Delirious.

It's so hard--especially at that age--to find hem roles. And to play a young gay woman who's not about to bend for anyone, I thought, That's how you get to that hero.

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