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ScreenSelect Interview with Lena Headey
(Translated from German by J and Nunusk)


GALA: Were you afraid of love scenes with another woman, Ms Headey?

Lena Headey: Not at all, I had some experience as a lesbian (grins). I had already played a lesbian prostitute and had bed scenes. My mother is proud of me (laughs). Also, there are worse things directors demand than snogging my colleague Piper Perabo.

GALA: For example?

Headey: In "The Brothers Grimm" I was supposed to kill a rabbit. I refused to do it and saved it as a pet in my flat.

GALA: Recently, you turned 30. Was that bad, as well?

Headey: Well, on the one hand, I found it frightening how quickly time passes. On the other hand, I was relieved. The previous time seemed to me like a fight with myself. Every day I wanted to define myself anew in order to find out: Who am I? On my 30th birthday, it seemed to me as if there's a door opening in my mind. With the 30 came an inner calm, which I'm now enjoying.

GALA: Together with a certain Jason? You have that name tattooed on your arm.

Headey: He was my boy-friend. Jason is no longer part of my life, but the tattoo remained (laughs). Next time I'll think about it more thoroughly, whose name I eternalise on myself.

written by Christian Aust


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