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Working hard helps Piper call the tune

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PIPER PERABO in Imagine Me And You

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ALTHOUGH that big star-making hit still eludes her, Piper Perabo is one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood right now. She's done something like nine films in two years and is completely unapologetic about how hard she works.

"The Piper retrospective will be opening any minute now," she jokes before turning to her latest release Imagine Me And You.

"It sounds so cliched to say I like this one, but I love this one.

"I think it's so funny. It finally feels so good to not be embarrassed about a film you really like. I'm like 'Go see it, you're going to love it'. It's a good feeling because usually you're like 'It's called Slap Her She's French. And I hope you go see it'".

In Imagine Me And You Piper plays one half of a lesbian couple, the other half is played by Lena Headey.

She says plenty of people advised her against taking the role, but she decided she would go ahead and do it.

It's her second lesbian role on screen after the - frankly much better - Lost And Delirious. That, says Piper, is pure coincidence.

"I feel that I've just been lucky that I found two really well written characters. They happen to be lesbians. I really didn't care who they were sleeping with."

The 29-year-old actress has had some highs and lows in her career.

She has starred in big budget flops such as The Cave, taken supporting roles in films such as Cheaper By The Dozen, and starred in indie movies like Imagine Me And You.

It depends a lot on who I would be working with," she says.

"If there's someone I feel like it would be interesting to work with, like Steve Martin, it's kind of hard to say no, no matter what he's asking for.

"He's so smart and so funny and so it's a lot about if there's something that's interesting to work with."




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