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Published February 3, 2006

Imagine a twist on love


Lena Heady (left) and Piper Perabo star in Imagine Me & You, which hits the big screen this weekend.

Falling in love at first sight has been a steadfast plotline in literature and theatre for centuries. But when it’s between people who might already be married, the romantic situation becomes an entirely different story.

Vary the theme slightly and make the romance between two women and you have the basis for Imagine Me & You, which opens today.

In the film, Rachel, played by Piper Perabo (Cheaper By The Dozen, Coyote Ugly) is in the midst of a perfect wedding day. Her groom, Heck (Match Point’s Matthew Goode), is madly in love with her, and the celebration is coming off without a hitch—that is until she sees Luce (The Brothers Grimm’s Lena Headey), the florist hired to handle the wedding.

The two meet again months after their momentary encounter and strike up a friendship, only to realize they’re actually madly in love with each other, leaving newlywed Rachel with a serious dilemma.

“The world is full of possibilities and if anything this movie shows that you can’t for a moment feel that you have everything locked down and safe, you just never know,” Headey says.

For Perabo, the film offered a chance to break from the typical boy-gets-girl mould common to so many romantic comedies.

A script for a comedy-romance genre from a lesbian perspective attracted Perabo, and she adds she’s optimistic that the stigma attached to onscreen romance between non-traditional partners might be a thing of the past. “I think that would be so exciting if that’s what that means,” she says.

“Maybe we’re a little bit past that and are a little more progressive and mature. The problem (in the movie is) that I’m married and fall in love with someone else, and that’s the only problem.”


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