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Boo, age 9 during
the filming of IMAY

Boo in 2009


Q&A with Boo Jackson

What one word would you use to describe your costars/director...

Matthew - Laid-Back
Piper - Caring
Lena -Fun
Anthony -intellectual 
Celia -Hilarious 
Darren -Witty
Sue  -Wise
Ol -Kind

Its been 5 years since you filmed IMAY, what have you been doing and why haven't we seen you in more movies?
Well I'm not quite sure how to answer that one, I would love to do more, but am just waiting for the opportunity to arise.

How did you get the part of H?
Well It was very lucky actually. A casting director came round the school looking for kids to invite to an audition in London. I went along just for fun and just kept getting call backs. It came to the last one and we still hadn't heard anything, so had assumed that I hadn't got it. One day we were sat round the table talking about it when the phone rang and it was Shaheen telling me I had got the part.

H is known for all those questions she asked....were you that inquisitive when you were younger?
Oh yes very much so. I am just as bad now, annoying all my friends and family with my constant questions.

Any similarities between you and H?
H is literally like a clone of me. I can't think of any dissimilar traits to be honest.

Since you had never done any acting before, what was the hardest thing for you working on the movie? The easiest?
I think the hardest thing was the long hours, I was quite young and it really tired me out. I think the easiest thing was learning the lines, it seemed to come to me very naturally.

What was it like working with Anthony and Celia?
Oh it was great. For the few months that we were filming they honestly felt like parents to me.

What did you think of Piper's British accent? 
It always amazed me how she could suddenly switch accents convincingly. We would be talking on set one minute then the next we would be on camera and she would sound totally different.

You were the only kid on the set(except for a couple of scenes with Krishan Naidoo, who played H's boyfriend)...what was that like?
I thought it was okay, I've always been quite independent so it wasn't to much of a shock. I did spend a lot of time with Krishan off camera too, it was nice to talk to someone my age.

Ol said you had the nickname of "Spooky Boo" because you were so mature and talented...did you like that nickname?
Yes, it is a nickname I have been given many times before, so it was quite funny that Ol picked it up too.

The scene between you and Matthew on the roof was so sweet and heartbreaking...what do you remember about filming that scene?
Well, I think that was honestly the hardest scene to film, as it was freezing cold, raining cats and dogs and the was some sort of RAF practice so we had to keep re-shooting it when an airplane came overhead as it ruined the sound.

Any behind the scenes practical jokes or funny stories from working on the film?
Yes, I remember in a scene that was cut I had to tie an old mans shoe laces together, and it thought it would be funny to tie them really tight and it took him about 10 minutes to undo. Also another girl was employed to be my double, and she had really long hair, right the way down to her waist which she had to have cut to look like mine. She was only in one scene which ended up being cut, she had all her hair chopped for nothing. I remember one time when I was eating some crisps and talking to Anthony and there was a selection of dips on the table.  Because I wasn't concentrating I put one of my crisps in what I thought was humous but it turned out to be spicy horseradish.   

If Ol  were to make a sequel to IMAY would you do it? 
Oh definitely, it was such fun and I'd really love the opportunity to do something like it again.

When you watch IMAY today...what do you think of it?
It brings back such good memories, and I really miss everyone there.

Now, some fan questions/comments......

Questions from Annie(San Francisco):
What was the audition/casting process like for the role of H?

Hi Annie, it was actually remarkably simple from what I can remember, though I honestly didn't think I would get even half as far as I did.
Did you get any advice on acting from your costars Lena, Piper, Matthew, Celia, etc?
Umm not from what I can remember no. H is just like another me so i just had to act like myself.
Did you have any favorite scenes/lines in the script to shoot?
I remember really enjoying filming the wedding scene, it was the first one we shot and as I had never been to a wedding before it was really exciting.
What was it like working with Ol as a director/writer?
Oh Ol was great, we got on really well. He was always listening to what I had to say and made me feel really at ease. We had great fun together - he always used to steal my hat and run away.

From Joe:
What was it like to work with Piper and Lena?

Hi Joe, It was great working with them, I really felt that they helped me have the time of my life on set. I am so grateful to have worked with such a friendly cast and crew. 

From Adriana(Buenos Aires, Argentina):
First of all, I have to tell you that I speak English just a little, but I'll do my best.
The first time I saw IMAY was two months ago. Whatever, 2005 or 2009 or 2200... It doesn't matter the time when we talk about LOVE: between friends, parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, souls mates. All kind of love is FOREVER and it's always HERE AND NOW. You did a WONDERFUL and LOVELY work, and you were only 9!  IMAY had been different without you.
I'd like to know what did you feel while the filming, and if you really wish be an actreess.

Hi Adriana, I really enjoyed filming it, and I'm very pleased that so many people such as yourself have enjoyed the film. I do love acting and am hoping to be able to do more of it in the future.

From Chris (Liverpool):
Hi Boo
Just watched the film again. Am amazed at how profound your questions were. Please don't think this patronising in any way but did you simply work to a script or did you totally get what was going on, especially the monumental impact of something like this happening. You just seemd so old beyond your years... It seemed like you understood what was going on and yet you were so young at the time.Now you are 14 what sort of memories do you have of the film?? Well done, hope you still working in fims, tv...

Yeah I did usually understand what was going on, I always like to know what I am talking about so me and my dad would sit down in the evenings and talk about what everything meant. I haven't  had the opportunity to work on anything else, but fingers crossed something else will come up.








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