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Q&A with Writer/Director Ol Parker
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(I'll gradually be adding Ol's responses to this page)

mi nombre es Claudia y soy de chile (y fans de IMAY!!)
dejamé felicitarte por la pelicula, es hermosa y muy buena!
queria saber si existe la posibilidad de una "IMAY 2" (el regreso?? Lol)
es que la pelicula me encanta!! la he visto demasiadas veces (20 o más, sin exagerar!!)
espero que estes muy bien, y buen trabajo!!


Hola Claudia
Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras.  Tengo que decir que en este momento, el regreso a IMAY es poco probable.  Pero nunca se sabe.  Saludos at ti tambien.  Ol

Dear Ol,

Thank you so much for making Imagine Me and You. I've been wanting to write to you for a long time now after I've seen it in the theater but I just didn't know where so now I have a chance to thank you. So THANK YOU. It's my all-time favourite movie. I love everything about it coz I can relate so much with Lena Headey's character "Luce". There are 3 similarities between her and me. 1) My name starts with the letter "L" too and my object of my affection's name also starts with "R" (like Rachel's); 2) She (my crush) is married like Rachel; 3) Luce's birthday comes before Rachel's and so does mine, i.e., my birthday is a month apart before my crush's.

I cried so much Ol.  At the theater, then when I watched it again on DVD a few times and again a month ago... It's too close to my heart. Of course, I laughed alot too... favorite scene was when they were at the grocery store, totally hilarious! I think I've memorized the lines already.  I am so addicted that I've been watching it 5x this week already b4 I go to sleep. No, really. I even bought the DVD for two of my friends as birthday gifts and they loved it too. Thank you so much. You're a God-send for creating this masterpiece. I love you for it and I can't thank you enough.

On to my questions. I have 3 actually if you don't mind:

1) What are Luce's and Rachel's last names?
2) Will there be a CD available on the music of Imagine Me and You coz I would love to have a copy, a compilation of the songs that was played in the movie. I'd be the first to get one, for sure! Also a lot of IMAY fans would love it too.
3) I kinda noticed that before Luce went to the wedding ceremony, she brought her car. However, when she went home during the reception, she just walked home. What happened to the car? (Heheh) ;o)

Thank you also for bringing Piper Perabo and Lena Headey together in the movie. They made a perfect couple out of Luce and Rachel... they were simply great and brought alot of emotion and/or feeling to the movie, i.e., their chemistry was awesome and it reflected all throughout the movie. The other actors were brilliant too esp. Anthony Head (whom I've met at the Toronto SFX convention for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) It's THE perfect romantic comedy and it's just divine! As Edie would say: "I'm ECSTATIC!" Heheh.

Everything about Imagine Me and You is just heavenly Ol. Everytime I watch it, it gives me a great sense of hope and love that someday I'll meet my Ms Right. (My crush right now is totally unavailable coz she just had a baby 15 months ago... eventhough I had that moment, "the-love-at-first-sight" moment with her, when across the room, our eyes met and somehow I knew I was home and it was alot of those "loving-glances moments" that happened even before we met)... who knows... maybe I already have met Ms Right or maybe not. ;o) We'll just wait and see, so for now, I'll just keep playing my IMAY DVD. I may have to buy a new one coz this one might get too over-used. Heheh. ;o)

Thank you once again Ol. I really appreciate your writing and directing this movie. It has a special place in my heart. Always. Godspeed.



Hey Lorna
Thanks for your letter, your words, they're much appreciated.  I'm not sure I haven't tried and failed to answer a couple of those questions before ... I think Rachel's surname might have been Halliwell, and I'm pretty sure Heck's was McCloud, but as for Luce, I have no idea.  Maybe it's best she's just a single proper noun, like Madonna, or Cher.  Seriously, if I ever knew, I really can't remember.And no, there is no official CD, it's something you'll have to burn yourself.  I'm sure the Webmaster could help you download all the tracks, she seems to have plenty more of them than I do.And finally, you're right about the car.  We did in fact shoot a scene of Luce driving home, and then parking and walking across the hill, but we barely had any usable footage because Lena got the giggles - the car was making all sorts of popping and farting noises, the gears didn't work etc.   And she was supposed to be looking very thoughtful, having just met the married love of her life.  So we cut it, figuring nobody would either care or notice.  And god bless you, you've proved us wrong on both counts.
Thanks again, Lorna.  All the best, Ol

Hello Ol, I am Marta from Spain. I am not even sure you will receive this, it’s been a long time since you shot IMAY, sorry, I’ve just seen it. 
First of all, and before going into the lovely movie, I want to tell you what a lovely person I think you are, how sweet of you it is to answer dozens of letters from fans; and the way you talk about the actresses and the rest of the team. That is more important than the movie itself. Of course, I loved it; although I have to admit that the first time I saw it I thought there were some weird scenes (Luce being at the wedding party, or getting wet on the roof top, for instance), the truth is I found myself willing to see it again the day after. I have a few questions; I understand you may have completely forgotten some of the answers, but I’ll give a try anyway. Some have to do with my not being English-speaker, hope you don’t mind:
 What does “I am ecstatic!” (Edie’s answer to Heck) really mean? I have seen two translations: “Since the day I was born” (“desde que nací”, I know you speak Spanish), and “I am surprised” (“estoy asombrada”). Which of them, if any, is correct?
 Deleted scenes: since Spanish DVD is (also) a crap, no extras at all, not even your statement, I have only been able to see them in YouTube, and they are obviously not subtitled. Sometimes I find it hard to understand English accent, so I’d be grateful if you could clarify:
 What has happened to Edie, why is she coming out of the hospital? I understand it has something to do with her pulling the “love of the week”, but what exactly?
 What is Heck talking about at the coffee shop? The scene seems to take place the day after he had that “wanky work thing”, and the girls went to the football match. And, what does he ask Rachel, is it about her evening with Luce, that she answers “is good, she’s great”?
 About the movie, I have some questions: does the scene between Luce and Rachel during H’s presentation really happen? I have read letters where you leavi it to the imagination; since I already have an opinion, I would really like to know what your intention was, how was it written?. Second question: after that scene, why does Luce panic and ran away, when Rachel says she wants to talk about something? Doesn’t she want to know how Rachel feels? She is about to know it without even asking. Third: what on earth does it mean “No problem is insoluble given a big enough plastic bag”, where did you get that sentence from?
 And finally Ol, do you realize the impact this movie has had in so many people? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the website, fansite, the letters, the videos in YouTube. Are Piper and Lena (specially Lena) aware of this? Anyway, why was it ignored at cinemas, and is such a big hit on DVD, what do you think?
 I loved reading your comments about the way Luce looks at Rachel in the first scene at the flower shop, or how she asks Coop “have you ever met someone and just ….?” because I thought exactly the same, Lena is really amazing. And I’d add a couple more of Luce’s brilliant moments: when she agrees to go to dinner, and Rachel says she’ll write down the address, how she smiles to herself; when they both “Hi” each other the night of the dinner; when she glances Rachel at H’s presentation. And, of course, Luce’s “I want you” on the hill; better than a thousand “I love you” you could have make them say; the credit is for both, you wrote it, she played it beautifully. But I don’t want to forget Rachel answering “I knew after three seconds”;  asking “She is?”, nearly dying, when she hears Luce is going on a very long holiday; looking at Luce when she is explaining who Charlotte of Strelitz was; and saying to her parents: “I am in love with someone else … Her name is Luce”. Again, beautifully written and played.
 And the near-kiss, as I see it, there is no misunderstanding, no Rachel going to kiss on the cheek and being confused by Luce’s move; no, it is Rachel willing and going to kiss her on the lips, and Luce not “helping” her, just waiting, and then Rachel not daring to do it; but I am probably too simple! You described it perfectly in one of your messages.
 Thank you Ol, sorry for my English and sorry because this has gotten three times longer than I intended, and I now realize it is really an abuse. Just let me repeat what a lovely, warm and generous guy I think you are. I even forgive you for making Heck say “If it’s May, then it’s bulls in Pamplona”. They’re in July!!! (I’ve read somewhere that it was probably intentional, was it? why?)
 All the best,

Hey Marta, thanks for writing, that's very nice of you.  And for being so kind about the movie.  As you say, I'm afraid I have forgotten many of the answers to your questions, but I'll do my best.
"I'm ecstatic" means "I'm very happy".  "Estoy muy alegre".  It's a play on the fact that the word "gay" in English means both "homosexual" and "happy".  So while Heck means the question one way, Edie answers the other.   Or perhaps not.  
Edie coming out of the hospital, I'm trying to remember.  I think she got beaten up by the girlfriend of someone she was flirting with.  What I do remember is that we had the camera on the wrong side of Eva, or possibly made up the wrong eye, so she does a nice job of turning occasionally for no reason whatsoever to show her black eye, and making it look natural.
I have no idea what Heck is talking about.  That's just Matt crapping on, with immense charm, telling a story of something that happened to me once, and making it his own.  It was indeed meant to be the morning after Rachel's date, to give her a moment of reflection, guilt, whatever.  I seem to remember that he asked how her evening was, so that Rachel could say "it was good, she's great."  And then smile; a moment I always loved.
As before, I'm leaving the classroom scene to your imagination.  There is no wrong answer, so whatever you think is right.  And afterwards, the reason Luce panics is that she realises that Rachel is about to say something about their situation, her feelings, and much as Luce may want to hear it, her conscience won't allow her to.
If I am aware of any impact that the movie has, or had, then it's from letters like yours.  For which I am profoundly grateful.  And yes, all the cast are aware of this.  And, I think and hope, are as proud as I am.  As for why it works on DVD, and didn't at the cinema, I have no idea.  I guess I prefer not to worry too much about people coming late to the party, and just celebrate the fact that they've arrived at all.  
And in your case, Marta, it is a celebration.  Thanks again for writing, I really appreciate it.  And your English is excellent.  Take care, all the best, Ol

ps Oh sorry, one more thing.  The bulls in Pamplona is not deliberate, it's just me getting it wrong.  Particularly crap because I've actually been in Pamplona in July, had a fantastic time.  Probably too good a time, which is obviously why I misremembered it.  But it's my mistake, and I apologize for it.

Dear Ol,

I'd like to thank you for making this beautiful movie. During summer I've watched it several times a day, and now that school has started I've managed to reduce that to at least 4 times a week. No, I'm still not bored with it, and I think that means it must be really really good. I wanted to ask you about two scenes though.

First I was wondering about the scene where Luce is out in the rain, after the dinner. When she comes in, Rachel rubs her arms to warm her. I interpreted that as an excuse for Rachel to be able to touch Luce, without being too obvious. My question is now, was that scripted? If it was, was it your intention to show Rachel's attraction to Luce?

Second, I am very curious about the scene during H's school presentation. Is Rachel just imagining it? But if that is so, then why does Luce says she's fine with 'it'? And if she wasn't making it up, I'm really curious what it led to. Did they actually kiss there?

Again, I am very grateful to you for making this movie with this cast. Of course I had a complete crush on Lena and now I'm trying to watch as many of her movies as possible. I read the question about Loved up, and your answer, If you still haven't got it, I ordered it from www.learmedia.ca. Hope it'll get here soon ;)

I hope you will be making many more amazing movies in the future (I'm curious what you're going to do to make them as good as this one, if it weren't you I'd say it's an impossible task...)

Thank you for your time, I hope you can answer my questions.

Lots of love, Akka (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Hey Akka

Thanks for your lovely mail.  It worries me that you've watched the movie so many times, but I also appreciate it very much.  

The scene out in the rain was an odd one.  I'd actually written something quite different, although I can't remember what it was now.  Luce was sitting out there, and Rachel went out, and they talked about something I like to think was quite witty, and then ... I'm not sure.  But I do remember that it ended with them touching for the first time, and that was the moment that Heck interrupted.  On the night we came to shoot it, it was absolutely pissing down with rain, so I had to do a very fast rewrite, and with the help of Lena and Piper, we came up with the scene that we shot.  From when Luce comes back inside it's pretty much completely improvised.  But yes, as you say, the point was they could touch, seemingly innocently, to show their attraction.  It's not the best scene in the movie, but I think we got away with it, owing to the brilliance of Ben Davis, the cameraman, and the two wonderful actresses.

As for your second question, I'm not totally sure I should answer it.  I think it might be cooler just to say that whatever you thought happened happened.  There's no right or wrong way to watch a movie, or not one of mine anyway.  Talking of which, respect to you for getting hold of Loved Up.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Thanks again, Akka.   You're very kind.  Love Ol


 Hi OL my name its Laura i born in CUBA but amliving in Hialeah, Florida and i want to ask you what inspired you to do this movie, i really like it and you find to amasing actresses, congratulations for it...

Hi Laura

Thanks for writing, and I'll pass your praise on to the amazing actresses.  I was inspired to write it because I was and am in love, and wanted to write about that.  Also I'd fallen in love very hard and very fast, so that speed and passion was also something I wanted to explore.  As for casting great actresses, that was just luck.  I asked, and they very kindly agreed to do it, god bless them.

Thanks again for writing.  All the best, Ol 


I loved the movie Imagine Me & You.  I loved your writer's statement.  I have been trying to locate it written somewhere and have been unsuccessful.  Could you please tell me where you found the quote by T.S. Elliot and where I can find yours statement written down?

Thank you


Hey Cindy

Thanks for getting in touch.  That's kind of you to bother listening to my statement.  I don't know if it is written down anywhere.  I barely wrote it down myself.  Maybe the webmaster can help you?  As for the quote, the fact that you can't find it anywhere makes me wonder if I made it up.  I thought it was Eliot, and if it is then it might be from 'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock'.  But it's entirely possible that my memory is totally wrong, and it's from a different poem, or even was somebody else completely.  Who probably said it much better than me anyway.

I hope you find it.  Thanks again for writing.  All the best, Ol



I'm Ema from malaysia..

i can't remember whether this film really got into Malaysia preview or not. As I watch this movie online and a little bit late / away from the exactly time of it's launching. However i found this movie was nice and from my point of view it's not just a gay film but it's more into love story and a strong bonding of friendship and true heart, where love will bring 2 hearts become 1. Even it's not a gay film at all. Like what 'H' said.."it doesn't mean u r lesbian or anything." it was a simple and nice love story..

Is there any possibility there would be a new IMAY II ? Maybe to put some more tragics / dramatic / comedy between them in IMAY II.. which would strength the relationship.. now it not just pursuing the love they had but to really make Rachel decision for luce are worth it.

But unfortunately if there is an IMAY II, I will definitely go for it if it's still Lena & Piper on the screen... Their chemistry off screen are projected and can be seen clearly on the screen.. It remind me to my best friend where we had so much fun and chemistry .

Last but not least, this movie make me aware on Lena acting skills and piper too.. Like Julia Roberts, the emotion and saving faces they showed goes straight to the heart. Good one..!!

Send my regards to both of them.. Now I'm like hunting movies that cast by both of them...

Many thanx..

Hey Ema

Thanks for writing, it's so cool to think people are still finding the movie, even now.  I have been asked before about a sequel, and I've always said no, I wouldn't really know what to do.  But I did actually  wake up the other morning knowing exactly how it should go ... so who knows.  In the meantime, thanks for watching, thanks for writing, and keep on having fun with your best friend.

Best, Ol

I just want to say that I don't care how much business "Imagine Me and You" did (or did not do) in America.  I've watched it at least 50 times, and I want to tell you that it is easily one of the best films ever made -- due, primarily, to the incredible acting of every one of the principals (and, of course, your direction.)
Naturally, when one encounters a scene in IMaY that can compare favorably with any in "Casablanca," "Rain Man," "Citizen Kane," etc., the first thought is: how many takes did it take to get that perfection?
Without going into a laundry list of such scenes, one thinks about the one with Sue Johnston and Lena, where Lena comes into her mother's home, after realizing Rachel will never be hers, informs her mother of such, and Sue asks, "Well, does she love you?" -- at which point, Lena runs the acting gamut, in all of 15 seconds, with "I don't know (pause) No. (longer pause; nodding)  Yes."  At which point, there's not a dry eye in the house! 
So, I ask the question: how many takes did it take to get that perfection?
Anyway, I could talk all day about the film (as could its many millions of fans), but my main question for you is: do you have any plans to use these characters/these actors in another production? 

Hey David

Thanks for writing.  It's not that easy to reply to your questions, since I have a strong feeling that you're taking the piss.  Either that, or you're radically overestimating our little movie.  But if that's really the case, then god bless you, and don't stop.

Lena took two takes for that scene.  It was the last one of the day, a day in which we'd also shot her bringing flowers to her mum earlier in the movie.  And Lena was in the right place mentally, fully prepared as ever, and also was and is a close friend of Sue, who played her Mum, which always helps.  And she nailed it.  I did another one for safety, and we maybe used a bit of that take as well, but basically she knocked it out of the park first time.

I'd love to work with any or all of those actors again.  You'd have to ask them if they want to work with me.  But we had a time together, it was a special thing.  And that was a special day.  Thanks for helping me remember it.

All the best, Ol

is there a soundtrack? 

Hi there...well that is my question...obviously there is one, but is it available to buy? 
I loved your film, I watched it for the first time yesterday and was bowled over by it...love it...
I was once upon a time in a similar situation although she didnt leave him...but I havent seen her since and the dream...well its still there - so watching your film brought me to tears: )
It was just a film, but it was a film that showed that romance is not dead and hope is very much alive : ) thankyou x

Hi Cate

Thanks for writing, being so kind.  It's really touching.  And to answer your question, no, there's no soundtrack available on CD, Searchlight thought about releasing it, then didn't.  A shame, because Alex did a terrific job, I think.  But I believe you can download all the music online, probably on the webmaster's own site.  Which I'm too freaked out to go to, but which I'm told knows far more about the movie than I do.

All the best, Cate.  Really good luck to you.  Ol


I'm hoping you might be able to help me to track down the name of the designer of the wedding dress Piper Perabo wears in the movie? The one used in the actual film as opposed to the one on the movie poster (which seems to be a completely different dress!).

I would be most grateful if you could help me out,

Kind regards


Hi Kate

I would absolutely love to help you, but I have no idea.  What I can do is tell you to write to the wonderful Consolata Boyle, who will know all.  And if you could send her my love, I'd appreciate that.  Good luck.

Oh, and you're right about the poster dress.  It's actually a different body in the dress as well; they used doubles for the poster, just photoshopped on the actors heads.  

Thanks for writing.  Sorry I wasn't more help.  Best, Ol

Hi Mr. Parker,

I would like to thank you for this truly wonderful film you made. Like many here on this forum, I've seen it several times already and still can't get enough of it. What makes it so special for  me is that it's purely perfect - characters, storyline, acting, dialogues,setting, filming, etc - everything is done in such a way that there's absolutely nothing to delete from or add to, there's no way to make it any better than it already is. Maybe that's why then I try to watch the favourite scenes from the film I always end up watching it all over again from beginning to the end - I just can't enjoy the separate pieces of this, because it's so great as a whole.  It doesn't happen so often these days when the first time director creates such a little wonder which reaches the hearts and souls of the people all over the world , no matter what language they speak or where they live. It's pure magic, I believe.

If you don't mind, I would also like to ask a few question about the film:

First -  was it any indication in the script about the occupation of the central characters ? I mean, it's pretty obvious what everybody is doing for the living except for the Coop's character. It's pretty weird I guess but I always thought he should have been either in PR business, or in advertising, or in some sort of mass media stuff, or  something like that because he's really charming and at the same time totally cynical guy, which is essential if you specialize in brainwashing business. So, was it anything in the script about who he were ? Or  that was never an issue ?

Last - was it a real flower shop "Flowered up" or you just decorated some convenience store to look  like it for the film ? I believe it was real. It also seems that the most of the scenes there were shot really early in the morning - no one on the street, lots of cars parked around etc. So, was it real flower shop or not ?

I wish you all the best and can't wait for another film of yours - hope it will be out soon and exactly as perfect as this one.

Good luck !

Vadim from Moscow


P.S. My British version of DVD is really lame - even the official Russian release has more extras ! I'll have to get an American one, like all the rest of fans did.

P.P.S. There are some fan forums over here too - funny thing is that almost any girl who saw it and post comment on the site always ends up saying "For Luce I would definitely change teams !"  I believe them - I actually do !

Hey Vadim

That's incredibly nice of you, thank you.  Although please call me Ol.  And no, I don't mind at all if you ask me questions, they're nothing but a pleasure to answer.  You're right about their jobs, the only two I showed were Heck and Luce, because we needed to see them.  Although I wasn't exactly specific as to what Heck does, mainly because I have no idea.  As for Rachel, there was a scene where she and Luce were talking, and Rachel said she worked as a copy editor at the Guardian, an English newspaper.  I think she described her job as "correcting other people's mistakes", and Luce said "isn't it more fun to make your own?".  Or words to that effect.  And yes, you're spot on, I always thought Coop worked in advertising.  Nice one.

As for the flowershop, it was a pottery studio, and now is again.  It was an extraordinary moment when Rupert, one of our location managers first showed me the photo, since the site was pretty much exactly as I'd imagined it.  And then again, when Eve, our marvellous designer, showed me into to the transformed shop.  Wonderful work, by wonderful people.  And I'm proud to say they convinced more than you.  People were coming in every day to buy flowers.  And on the last day's shooting, we got to give the entire stock of flowers all the crew, who took them home to their surprised and delighted partners.

I'm sorry your version of the DVD is so crap.  If you haven't already got one, let me have your address and I'll send you the American version.

Thanks, Vadim.  Take it easy.  Ol x

Hi Ol,

Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate what you said... I think you were right and I was scared to finished the story I'm writing, because that would mean I'd have to show it and exposed myself to be criticize and that's scary... but I'm working on it.

I still get block sometimes and I don't know how to continue, so I'm taking your advice and doing it step by step (or 'bird by bird')... I don't know if I'll ever be half as great as you, but I'll keep trying cause I love it... Your advice meant a lot to me and I think it's amazing that you take the time to answer some questions to your fans.

I have some technical questions that I wanted to ask you...

How involved were you in the music for the film?

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that has inspired you to write something and incorporate it? While writing, at certain points do you think of which music would suit that particular scene?

And I am curious to know what kind of camera you used to shoot 'Imagine...'?

I'm sorry to bother you with all this questions,
Thanks again.
Sarah (Perú)

Hey Sarah from Peru,

Thanks for writing again.  And that's great you're writing, it really is.  Don't worry if it doesn't come easy.  Some days it does, some it doesn't, the important thing is that you just keep going.    And show it to friends, people you trust.  Expose yourself.  Ask for criticism.  Listen to it.  Consider it.  Then tell them all to fuck off and do what you want.

Actually, seriously, if you ever want to show it to me, then feel absolutely free.

Anyway, to answer your questions;  I was completely involved in the music for the film.  I chose Alex Heffes to do the score, and worked with him very closely (and happily).  And all the found stuff, from Kelly Marie to Camera Obscura, were from my record collection.  And yes, I write listening to music, sometimes the same track on a loop 50 or 60 times.  It can help get you into the right place, and just as important, help you stay there.  And then the next day when you come to rewrite the scene, putting on the song you were listening to takes you right back into it.  But oddly, almost all the songs I wrote to, and that I was absolutely certain would be in the final film, didn't make it, either because they didn't quite match the way it was shot - be that pacing, or whatever - or because we couldn't afford them.  The exception to that is the music during H's speech about the stars.  i wrote that scene listening to Faultline, and sure enough, that's what you hear.

And finally, I have no idea what kind of camera we used.  Thankfully Ben Davis did know, but to me it was just big, black, and very very expensive.

Keep on keeping on, Sarah.  And let me know how you go.  All the best, Ol x

Dear Ol,

Thank you very, very much for all the insights you've already given! There are two more questions I'd like to ask you. I'm aware that you're not planning on writing - let alone filming - a sequel to Imagine Me & You. And maybe that's good. Still, I hope you don't find it too annoying when I wonder: why don't you just spend a few weeks with only Ben Davis, Piper Perabo and Lena Headey and shoot something like "Random Scenes of Rachel and Luce Living Happily Ever After" - be it improvised or all written out? I don't see why you shouldn't have as much fun filming as the first time around. I think we - the fans - would all be perfectly happy just to see more scenes like the last one on the park bench, like, for example, the two women talking, running, gardening, fishing, cooking, smiling, laughing, crying, singing, drinking, dancing, shopping - the possibilities are endless! (Even though the budget - or the lack thereof - would constrain the production heavily.)

The second question is: how far were you involved in creating Anthony Head's dance style?

All the best,

Johannes Schult
(currently residing in Belgium)

Hey Johannes currently residing in Belgium (didn't you used to be in Germany?)

Nice to hear from you again.  I don't think you want me or Ben Davis, I don't even think you want Luce and Rachel, you just want Lena and Piper, the reality TV show.  And quite a show it would be.

Tony Head is a lovely man, always delighted to take the piss out of himself.  We had a brief chat about Ned, so muffled and depressed in life, might cut loose on the dancefloor (I believe at one point he was going to say "look and learn" to his daughter).  And then Tony did that.  My admiration knew no bounds.

Take it easy Johannes.  All the best, Ol x

Hello Ol!
Many sincere thanks for your beautiful, honest and heartrendering film! After reading others' lovely thoughts, I hope you don't mind me adding my own to the list of well deserved accolades for Imagine Me & You, even more than two years later.
My intro to IMAY was a bit of a winding one. Last year I'd bought the DVD impulsively at Blockbuster and then it promptly sat on my shelf for a while - I know, shame on me! I later went to New York to visit friends - one of whom is the intrepid, generous and hard working webmaster of this site. (We met through conventions for the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess - check that show out for loads of fun and subtext!) My friend glowingly raved on and on about IMAY and said I had to check it out. When I did, I encountered a film that made me laugh so hard in some scenes I had to hit rewind several times to see them again. (Sue's delivery of the line 'Sweet s*it in a bucket, what's wrong with you?' has me rolling every time!) The sexuality was never an issue - the feelings between Luce and Rachel is just what it is, and as you've mentioned, it's the soul that counts, not the package it comes in.
What I love about this film is how is not just the truth of Rachel and Luce's relationship but how I've related to your beautiful characters. I've been in a somewhat similar situation as Rachel (though not walking down the aisle!) where I've had to end a relationship with a man who was my best friend since I knew I had to be true to myself - I came out a few months later. And Luce is who I aspire to be - confident in who she is, beautiful inside and out, with morals and vulnerability to love's highs and lows at the same time.  
It had been a few months since I'd seen IMAY, but I didn't truly appreciate it until I got an email from the webmaster saying 'check out this article/pics' which was a link to an incredible photo shoot with the equally incredible Lena Headey. I ran home, put IMAY in my DVD player where it has hardly been removed since - cheerfully besotted is the phrase that comes to mind! Yes, I'm now one of the many legions of Lena fans! Her beauty, honesty and integrity in her performances are something I haven't seen in an actress in a long time - whew, those green eyes speak volumes and slay me every time! I'm now trying to watch Lena's other work - the webmaster is a great help in recommendations in that regard! She is teasing me about my Lena crush for which I completely blame her and you as well! J
In the midst of all my ramblings, I do have an IMAY question for you. There are so many longing looks between Rachel and Luce that say it all - were all those beats scripted, or was that a combination of the script and seeing what Piper and Lena did with your words? You've mentioned that when Luce pauses during the first meeting in the flower shop, it's the film in a microcosm, so I was wondering if that was there from the beginning. And how much was Heck aware of the glances/subtext between Rachel and Luce? Did he see it from the beginning or just choose to ignore it since it was too painful to admit the possibility that Rachel had 'went crazy' for someone else?
Many thanks for reading through all this endless, sentimental patter! May you have many more experiences like making IMAY and good fortune through the rest of your career.
Best wishes,
Annie (California)

Hey Annie

That's so cool that you know the webmaster, and that she got you into the movie, even if it did take a while.  She's nothing if not persistent.  And thanks for being so kind about our film.  Although obviously I can take no credit for Lena's beauty.  Ben Davis takes a tiny bit, and the rest is all her.  As I may have mentioned, it comes from within.

To answer your question ... it was a thing that pretty much came about in rehearsal.  Occasionally in the script I'd write 'pause', or 'beat'.  And then when we got to talking about it, and rehearsing, and then shooting, I encouraged them both to take as long as they wanted, to speak between the lines just with their eyes.  Actually I'm not sure I needed to encourage them, they were just doing it anyway.   As you say, it's something Lena does extraordinarily well.  There's a point in the cafe with Coop, where she's talking about when you meet someone who just ... and that was exactly as written, I never completed the sentence.  But the way she does it, you know exactly how it would end.  A thrill and a gift for a writer.

As to how much Heck knew, it was something Matt and I talked about a lot.  He thought Heck knew pretty much everything, and admitted pretty much none of it to himself.  That's why he starts to act unnaturally, why he goes to the flowershop, of all places, to talk about Rachel, etc.  But he doesn't actually know what he's doing.  There's something about this in his last lines in the flowershop, although I can't quite remember what they were.  But anyway, it's that thing where as soon as he finds out, he knows that he's always known.

Cheers Annie.  All the best to you.  Ol x









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