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Q&A with Writer/Director Ol Parker
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(I'll gradually be adding Ol's responses to this page)

Dear Ol....I am Debbie from Chicago and have never sent an email about any movie....so this is a first. And..I am a huge film buff...even taken several classes. I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely loved Imagine Me and You....I have watched it so many times that I almost know the dialogue. This is one of my favorite films....and I have purchased the DVD to add to my collection. The acting by Lena Headey is beyond description...I completely believed she was Luce....100% . She was fantastic in this role! I thought it was interesting the choice of songs you used in the film....all about "love" ..the look of it and grasping the meaning ...etc.... I got the feeling of each song and what it meant to the scene. Anyhow...just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying watching IMAY and will continue to do so for a long time.
Hope you do more like this one.
Congrats to you on a wonderful script and film.

Debbie in Chicago, Illinois

Hi Debbie from Chicago Very nice of you to take time out from your film classes, and write. It's much appreciated. The enormous pleasure I had in writing Luce was nothing to the joy, pride and satisfaction I felt watching Lena play her. And I'm glad that you enjoy watching our work. And yes, finding the music was fun, as it always is. Soundtracking is one of the great pleasures of film-making, as I very much hope you will one day get the chance to find out for yourself. Thanks again, and really good luck. All the best, Ol

Hi Ol,
I wanted to say that as incredible as Lena was in the movie, just
breath taking, I thought Piper was her equal.
Your movie truly makes me happy and I try to see it in some form on a
daily basis, that?s how good it makes me feel.
Anyway, I know it inside and out and have seen many scenes in slow
motion. The expressions in the ladies? Eyes speak volumes, something 
you just can?t fake unless they are amazing actors, which they are.
But my tummy does flips during several scenes and still does after
70 + viewings and I just wanted to give Piper a ?shout out? for doing
such an awesome job (as did Lena). Your casting was spot on with every character.   Thank you for the movie, it?s a big part of my life and attitude. You’ve made a lifelong fan. Sincerely, Jessie in Seattle P.S. I was quite normal before I saw the movie, my friends are now a little concerned, but in a good way.

Hey Jessie

Thanks for writing.  The penultimate line of your letter is as good a review as anyone could get.   
Even when it comes from someone clearly insane.  70+ times?  I don't know when you wrote the letter, but I hope you've stopped by now, and never hit the hundred.   And that your tummy has settled down. But yes, it's true; as many times as you watch the movie (and you've watched it too many), the
performances of the women stay remarkable.  Bless them both.

I am really chuffed with what you wrote, Jessie.  Thank you.  All the best, Ol


Hello Ol,
I am one of those new fans the movie gathered with its release on DVD. Thing is, I live in Mexico City so, it's funny, I did intend watching the movie at my local theater, because I saw the poster on the "coming soon" section about a year ago. Unfortunately, the movie was never released, for who knows what reasons. Last week I bumped into the DVD at blockbuster, watched it, and became an instant fan. Did you have any idea what an impact would Imagine Me & You cause in people?  I mean, the movie was not a box office hit, but even after 2 years of its original release, when you google Imagine Me and You, you find devoted sites still running. Anyways I just want to tell you how much I loved your movie, it was an excellent work. The movie is just beautiful, full of life and so down to earth. The way you wrote the characters and the way all the actors played them really make you feel they are real somewhere. I know you get many questions about Piper and Lena, I hope you are eager to answer more ... no just kidding. But I do blame you for introducing me to Lena's work. I had never seen her before and she's just great, I had seen Piper in a lot of movies before but not Lena, I guess that's the impact of Hollywood in my country. I really really thank you very much for that. She's a terrific actress and the only reason I watched 300. I do hope you can work with either of them in the future, or both! Thanks again, and good luck with any upcoming projects you may have. Patricia (Mexico)

Hey Patricia

thanks for writing, it's very much appreciated, and I love that our movie got to Mexico, at least in some form.  And I am actually always happy to answer questions about Piper and Lena, or anyone or anything else connected with the movie.  It's incredibly flattering that you guys are interested, and the least I could do to repay that, and show you how grateful we all are.  Thanks again for your mail, and take it easy.

Best, Ol

Dear Mr Parker
I just want to say that I really enjoyed IMAY very much every time I 
watch it makes me smile.
I just have two questions that I hope you won’t mind answering.
1st question how long was it after the wedding when Rachel went to see
Luce at the flower shop?
2nd question after the dinner scene why did Luce go out in the rain?
Very well done
South Africa

dear pj
thanks for writing, delighted to hear we made you smile.  and yes,  
very happy to answer your questions, as many as you like.  I seem to  recall we decided it was 2 and a half weeks after the wedding that  rachel turns up at luce's.  her and heck would've gone away on  honeymoon, probably for a fortnight, and much as she may have wanted  to, rachel wouldn't have let herself go straight round the day they  got back.  she'd have left it a bit, like it didn't really matter.   but not too long, because it did.  or that was piper's theory,  anyway.  and since she's smarter and stronger than me, I agreed.
as for the next question, the reason that luce went out in the rain  
after the dinner party is because it was raining.  which was an  
absolute nightmare.  I knew we had to see the rooftop earlier in the
movie, because heck was going to end up there with h at the climax. 
so I'd written this cute scene where luce has wandered away from the  
dinner party (not surprisingly - all those vibes, all that tension
and cooper)and found the roof terrace, and its extraordinary view.   and it was an extraordinary view.  so she's standing there looking  out, and looking beautiful, and rachel comes out there after her, and  they look at stars and have a conversation loaded with subtext, which  I can't remember now but which played gorgeously and was dead sexy in  rehearsal.  and then heck comes to the window, and interrupts, etc  etc.  so that was the plan. but then on the night we were due to  shoot it, it was pissing with rain, absolutely bucketing down.  so I  was forced into a terrifying last minute rethink.  we had to dump  lena out there in the storm, and set the rest of the scene inside,  with the two actresses pretty much making it up as they went along.   we got away with it ok, I think, thanks to lena and piper.  and to  the genius of ben davis, the cameraman.  to this day I have no idea  why when rachel and luce are looking out of the window at the rain,  we don't also see reflected in the glass a large camera, and several  very very wet people behind it; the things that man can do with lights.
anyway, that was a long answer, hope it made sense.  it's true more  
often than you'd think that what you're watching onscreen is a  
product less of calculation than circumstance.  but sometimes it  
works out even better.  thanks again for writing, pj, I appreciate it  
very much.
all the best, ol

Dear Ol,
I would like to share my thoughts with you about IMAY.  First off, I 
thought this film was excellent, very well done. I enjoyed all of the 
characters, particularly the parents and the interplay of their 
relationships. I loved the dialog, the humor and the pace of the film.
The music was phenomenal as was the setting. So I loved pretty much 
everything about the film.

I do believe in love at first sight. My husband and I met at 14 and we've been together for over 30 years, 19 of which as a married couple. We didn't plan this, it just worked out this way and I couldn't explain it much less write about it.
With respect to the movie, there was something that resonated very deeply
with me and I would have to say that it is the strength of the women
portrayed as Rachel and Luce.  Particularly Luce. She's a wonderful
character,  so well grounded, she really knows herself, an excellent
role model for all women  Lena Headey brought her to life exceptionally 
well. I never saw her as a villainous character out to steal somebody 
else's wife but instead a kind,  gentle soul who is really aware of 
what's going on around her. 
Someone who is not afraid to put herself out there and pursue her dreams.  
I really liked her. I thought she demonstrated a lot of restraint and 
good judgment.
I understand that this movie is essentially a love story with issues of 
infidelity but I saw so much more than that.  Personally I felt a 
lot of hope and empowerment while watching this movie in that life 
holds endless possibilities and as women we should feel free to 
embrace what may come our way even if that means pursuing our most
fervent dreams.
Recently I was able to watch the movie listening to your commentary.
I was genuinely surprised that you had so many misgivings and criticisms of your work. I've watched this movie countless times and I'm always moved.  Especially the break-up scene on the hill; my heart aches for these women every time. 
I really think it would be great if you could continue the story.  As
difficult as it would be to write a sequel I think it would be very
interesting to see  the characters grow and change as their relationship 
develops and as life goes on around them. I've been very caught up 
in thinking about what a sequel might be like.  I think seeing Luce 
and Rachel reflect back upon their life together could be interesting.  
Romantic love vs. seeing love through and staying the course when 
your world is on fire and the sky is falling but knowing that there 
is that person in your life that will walk through fire with you. 
Some sort of challenge could come their way.  
I think it would be interesting to see an old love of Luce come back 
into her life and how she would handle that. Some how I got the 
feeling that there was some sort of  a love loss in her life.  How
Rachel fits in to her new life would definitely be something. 
In listening to your commentary as well as your interview on the DVD I
was left with the impression that your hesitant to write more because
your sensitive to maybe not being able to write a sequel or a series
that could measure up to the original.  I really think that you can
moreover I think you can exceed what you've done so far.  I agree that
it would be a challenge but I really believe that you can write
something that would be exceptional and I encourage you to reconsider.   

These characters are so fabulous and there is so much more you can do 
with them.
What ever your decision,  I look forward to watching anything you
write or direct and I wish you well.
very truly yours,

hey joan
thanks so much for thinking so deeply about our movie - although it's  
not ours anymore, I kind of figure it belongs to you guys now - and  
for writing like that, and being so generous.  I can only suggest  
that you write the sequel yourself; your version sounds great, better  
than I could ever do.
It's nice that you responded to the actresses like that, I agree with  
every word.  and like you, I thought that lena was absolutely remarkable.  
I can only say that any beauty or quality you praise in luce is present 
and magnified in lena herself, so working with her was both a wonderful 
time, and an extraordinary privilege.  we should all be so lucky.
thanks again, joan.  I have to say that right now I have no plans to 
write a sequel; there's other stuff I'm doing, other stories to tell.  
but if I ever change my mind then before I start to write,  I'll 
read your letter again.  much respect to you and your husband.
all the best, ol
I have so much to say to you.
First off, I am totally in love with Imagine Me & You. I've watched
the film dozens of times. Tonight was the first night I listened to
your commentary, I was so surprised to hear all the things that you
would've changed and done differently because I love absolutely
everything about the film.
You also make me want to move to England. I find myself wanting to
talk like that. Everything sounds so much better in that accent. I
love love love the casting and above all the other great things that
make this film, I think the actors are why I watch this movie over and
over.  I relate to Rachel in the fact that I'm married to a man and
have attraction to women. I love how both Lena & Piper make you feel
without saying a word. Their eyes are so expressive. The way they look
at each other. Sigh..... I'm rambling :) But please consider that my
jumbled up thoughts are to be considered a compliment. I haven't
thought this much about a film, in I don't know how long.
Are you aware of a site called www.imdb.com . Go to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421994/  at the bottom of the page you can read the MANY obsessed fans like myself talk about your film.
So my reasoning for writing, I don't know if it's in your power, if
people have expressed this to you before or if it's something you are
even interested in doing.... what do you think of putting a special
edition dvd out?? I mean I seriously would head up a petition for you
if necessary. I think a Lena & Piper commentary would be a must. If
there are outtakes and any other goodies you might have stashed away. 
Well if you have made it to the end of this email and actually understood it, I congratulate you. I'm not sure if I would reread
this, if it would make any sense at all, well it is 2:40am.
I really hope to see more of your work whether it be movies/books or 
whatever else you pursue.
It would be really great to get a response. 
Take care ~ Jen from Florida
hello jen,
thanks for writing, nice to get a late-night ramble from you.  and by 
all means move to england.  get an umbrella first, but join us, 
you'll be very welcome.
I haven't actually been to the imdb site.  I do use the imdb, but not  
to look myself up.  either because I'm not vain enough, or because 
I'm terrified that I'll find a whole bunch of people being rude about 
me, or both.  but I'm delighted to hear that you're on there, writing 
kind and generous things, you dude you.
yes, the dvd special features.  it was always the plan, and it  
would've been great, to get a commentary from lena and piper.  and 
one from matt and darren.  then no one would've had to listen to my 
witless musings.  but money - or lack of it - defeated us, as it 
always does.  maybe if people keep buying this dvd, and god knows
loads of you have already, then we'll get to do a special edition.
and yes, that one would have the gag reel on it as well.  a lot of
laughs were had making this film, and plenty of them were caught by
the camera, piper and lena particularly.  and actually, lena most of all.  never stopped cracking up, bless her.  anyway, someday jen,somehow, I hope you get to see these things.
thanks again for your midnight musings, much appreciated.  
and take good care yourself.  all the best, ol


Dear Mr. Parker,
Hello.  In your director's commentary, I believe you indicated that originally you had intended your film to have a different, less upbeat, ending. Would you mind saying what that was?  By the way, I did enjoy the ending you ultimately chose and loved "Imagine Me and You" in its
I hope you will be writing and directing another film very soon.  I will be first in line to see it!
(from Los Angeles)

hey terry,

thanks for writing, being kind.  god only knows if I'll ever get to direct anything again, but if I do, it's nice to know you'll be there.  and thanks for your question, which I don't mind answering at all.  on the contrary, I'm flattered.  anyway, the original ending to the movie was a bit less upbeat, but a whole lot smaller.  I think it went more or less the same until heck walked out on rachel at the birthday dinner, then ... I'm trying to remember.  I think rachel stayed at her parents, and at some point that night her dad made his big speech.  and the next morning we cut to luce, who in this draft hadn't gone away.  she's in bed, and she's woken by the doorbell ringing.  she answers it, but there's no one there.  she's about to go back inside, when she sees a flower on the doormat.  and another one on the pavement.  and another further up the road ...  She follows the trail of flowers, which leads her to primrose hill, and then up the hill, to the top.  where rachel is waiting.  and they said some lines that I've totally forgotten, but which I like to think were quite cute, and then they kissed, while the sun rose behind them.  if the weather had been nice, and with ben davis behind the camera and something gorgeous on the soundtrack, it really might have been a lovely thing.  or possibly not.  but you enjoyed the ending we ended up with, and that's good enough for me.  thanks again, terry.  all the best, ol

What kind of lilies does Lena give to Piper in the movie?

Margaret C.

hey margaret

thanks for writing, thanks for asking.  I believe and hope that the flowers are tiger lillies.  which do actually mean 'I dare you to love me'.  but since I know next to nothing about flowers, it's entirely possible my props team ignored my wishes, and gave lena something else instead.  best, ol

Hi Ol,

Katherine from Vancouver yet again!  I've just been watching some fan videos on You Tube and wondered what your views/thoughts are on this.  Have you seen or heard about these fantastic videos that fans are creating with music and posting on You Tube? If you enter a search for "Imagine Me and You" on You Tube, 400 videos come up!   I think it's just amazing that this kind of thing keeps growing and I'm sure it's contributed greatly to the huge jump in DVD sales/rentals for IMAY.

Also, I know that you've read at least one fan fiction and posted a lovely comment about it I might add. There are many others out there (including two of my own) and again, I'm wondering what you think of this phenomenon.

I love to read your replies to our many (sometimes repeated and strange) email's but really think you should accept the praise & credit for this beautiful love story that you created and put out there for all of us to fall in love with.  It saddens me to read when you discount your own contribution and give the credit to others , not to say that you should take ALL the credit but certainly you're a big part of why this film has become so loved by so many.

Keep up the good work and I will most definitely be watching for your future work and of course anything starring the lovely Lena who we have also all fallen in love with!  


hey katherine from vancouver

always nice to hear from you, read your words.  I don't spend a whole lot of time on the internet, because any time I'm sitting at my computer I am or should be working.  but friends have told me about the youtube movies, and I should and will check them out.  I'm not sure why I haven't yet - maybe I'm worried that other people will have cut my movie better than I did.  and yes, I did read one fanfiction, again because a friend told me about it.  it was a completely surreal experience, but I thought it was great, and if there are more of them out there then I'll seek them out.  finally, I'm sorry you think I put myself down.  I do accept that the film wouldn't have happened without me, and that I was the one hired all those excellent people, but honestly, once it was underway I pretty much got to hang out, watch, and feel passionate gratitude while others took care of me.  that's the reason I didn't take the possessory credit ('an ol parker film'), and that's the reason I highlight everyone else's contribution.  it's just a way of showing my gratitude.  which I also feel to you, and anyone else who takes the time to write, let me know what you thought of our movie.  thanks again, katherine.  all the best, ol

Hi Ol,

I'm from Sydney, Australia and I've been a ridiculously obsessed IMAY fan for a few months now. I've been meaning to write to you earlier, but I figured I needed a good question!

A lot of people have commented on the bigger scenes in the movie, but my question is directed at some of the littler things that make the movie really come together as a whole. During the scene at the pub with Heck and Coop, towards the end Coop is hiding from a woman that enters the bar and I noticed her name was Lilly. Was this your choice?

Also I read one of your recent responses and would proudly like to say that I am a "derangedly worshipful fanatic" along with my friend, as we run a newly opened Lena and Piper website. (http://piperandlena.com) And also my friend is rewatching IMAY for the billionth time as I type, and is going crazy about it for the billionth time :) We'd like to thank you for inspiring our fansite and for creating such a great movie!

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Arinne, 19

hey arinne

it's very nice of you to write, you didn't have to wait till you had a question.  particularly as I have no idea what the answer is.  is the woman really called lilly?  in life or in the credits?  if she is, in either, it's one of those lovely coincidences that happen sometimes, in movies and in life.  we had loads of them, which we liked to think was a sign of someone smiling down on us.  although even if there wasn't anyone up there, we were smiling anyway.

you started a website?  seriously?  I was just kidding when I wrote 'derangedly worshipful', but it turns out I had a point ...  don't get me wrong, the pair of them utterly deserve all the fans and fansites in the world, and I think it's great you've put them together like this.  they're both beautiful people, and they're beautiful friends, and I'm sure your site does them nothing but justice.   good luck with it.

and finally, yes, I"m very busy, thanks for asking.  some of it's fun, some of it isn't, some of it may eventually turn up on a screen near you some day.  and if so, I'll hope you'll be as nice as you have been this time round.  thanks so much arinne, it's much appreciated.  all the best to you and your friend, ol

I saw in one of your other answers that now the movie was turning a profit. I wanted to ask about how much popularity you are seeing now that it has been released and if you are noticing new and dedicated fans pop up in large numbers and how/why you know this. What do you think the surge in support from the film is due to and why? From a fan’s standpoint, I am seeing so many new and loyal fans both of the movie and for Lena and Piper because of the movie and I wanted to see if/how you were experiencing the same from a director’s standpoint.
Joanna ny

hey joanna

thanks for writing, and being so nice.  I'm thrilled that you and other guys have been enjoying the movie, that it's had the life it's had on dvd.  it was a shame more people didn't go to see it in the cinema, if only because then you could have had a cool dvd with a ton of extras.  but it's a tiny movie with relatively nonfamous actors - although that's changing - and whether you blame the marketing, or the subject matter, or my work, or whatever, the fact is it just didn't grab people enough to make them take a trip to the multiplex.  but it seems people are happy to rent it, and then tell other people it made them happy, and bless them for that.  as for what they're finding to like, I really couldn't say.  the actors are all gorgeous and infinitely charming.  ben lit the movie like a dream.  the kids are cute ... I don't know.  I do know that it's got little if anything to do with me, but that doesn't stop me feeling proud, particularly when I get letters like yours.  so thank you joanna, and thank all of you.  all the best, ol

Dear Ol,

     First I'd like to start off telling you that I am a huge fan of your writing. After watching Imagine Me & You, I searched to find other stuff that you had done. I ended up finding Loved Up with Lena Headey and In You Dreams. It's pretty much impossible to find these to watch anywhere. So if you could find me a way, that would be cool, but you don't have to.
     Imagine Me & You is so the best movie ever. I myself am bisexual. But you know what, that doesnt even matter. That has nothing to do with why I loved the movie. It is truly an amazing tale of love. Still, it was nice to see love be anything it wants to be, not just a man and a women, and I highly respect you.
     I have a few questions and I know they will sound awfully demanding, so I'm sorry in advanced. I look up to both Piper Perabo and ena Headey very much. If I could ever ever get any advice from them in acting or anything I would be estatic. Even from you. I know you were into acting first. Also, your wife. Anyone. Acting is what I want to do for the rest of my entire life. I would do anything to be in one of the films you make. Even though I'm American. If you know of any auditions for me, ever, I would love it if you told me. One day I wish to work with Piper. She is so amazing. Same with Lena.
     Thank you very much. I know you're probably a very busy man, but please do as much as you can for me. I don't even care if it takes a long time.

A Devoted Fan,

PS: I'm only 16, but im very talented

hey adrienne

thanks for writing, and please don't worry about being demanding, it's totally a pleasure.  you're going to be fine, I think.  Partly because you're talented - which I'm happy to believe - but also because you're clearly committed and passionate, and those qualities will stand you in good stead through the ups and downs of what I hope will be a long career.  I can't really give you acting advice, I never acted (I think you might be confusing me with my namesake there).  but any actor will tell you the same things; to watch, learn, and practice.  study your favourite actors, watch everything they do, think about how and why they do it.  and act.  whenever, wherever you can.  join groups, go to drama school, put on plays, attend auditions.  that's how you'll get good, and that's how you'll get better.  really good luck, adrienne.  and keep in touch, tell me how you get on.  all the best, ol

Dear Ol,

I am huge fan of this movie, a little late in seeing it but never the less a huge fan!!!!

My question is, did Luce really get “thorns” in her bum during the first kiss scene with Rach or was that Lena using her poetic license?
One other question, did Lena come to Sydney, Australia for the launch of the movie?

With best regards,
Lisa Carr

hey lisa

thanks for writing, and late is fine, I'm just happy you saw the movie at all.  yes, the thorns in my bum line was scripted.  and in fact me and the props guys took great care to make sure that there were no thorns in the roses.  hours it took to remove them all.  I wrote the line, the moment, because I didn't want heck to walk in when the two girls were actually going at it, I thought that would be too horrible.  and I thought their laughter together would be almost more intimate.  but it's a tribute to lena, and her beautifully natural acting, that you thought it was spontaneous.  and no, she didn't go to sydney for the launch of the movie.  maybe she'll be there for '300'.  thanks again, lisa.  all the best, ol


Congrats on a brilliant and moving project!  Thank you for creating a movie that reminds me of why I got into this crazy business to begin with.  And that budget & vfx does not define whether or not a movie is good.

So often when I watch movies, i find myself spending more thought analyzing the technique or why a scene works or not, then letting the story just carry me away.  Not a problem this time!  I've watched IMAY more times than I care to admit and it gets me every time (both the laughter and the tears).

That being said, I can't pass up an opportunity to pick your brain for a second:
- the lighting for the most part is very subtle, but in the scene between Cooper and Heck in the bar it's glaringly bright. Why the change?
- how extensive were your shot lists when you began Day 1?  Did you end up sticking to it or find that as things progressed (and you saw scenes edited) your storytelling style evolved? through technique, actor performance, etc.
- if you were ever to get the opportunity to play in the IMAY sandbox again (let's pretend they give you a special director's cut release), what if anything would you change or add back?

Thanks for taking a moment in what I'm sure is a crazy schedule.  Good luck on your future endeavors.

Los Angeles, CA

hey erin

thanks for writing, being nice about the movie.  and by all means pick my brains, not that there's a whole lot in there.  to answer your questions ... nice one for spotting the different lighting in the bar.  ben davis was off sick that day, so the gaffer lit it.  and he's a lovely guy, and he did ok, but there is a difference.  to be fair to him, we were deliberately trying to create a different feel to when the two women were together - heck's office is also lit brighter - but I think if ben had been there, your question might not have been necessary.

I didn't have a shotlist.  we hadn't blocked the scenes, so I didn't, couldn't know what the actors were going to do, where they were going to be. it's more exciting, I think, if a little scary, to get on set, work with them, map out the scene, and then get the crew in to watch.  and only then figure out how many shots.  then as the scene progresses you're mentally crossing off the ones you're not going to have time to get, finding different ways to shoot what you need.  it's a constant process of adjustment and compromise, but endlessly thrilling.  I don't know how my style evolved over the course of shooting.  nor do I know that I'd call it a style.  I know we all developed a trust and a shorthand that meant we could work even quicker, but every day was still scary.  thanks for thinking we got away with it.

if I could recut the movie ... I don't know.  I'd probaby put the last edie scene back in that I cut.  and if I'd had some more cash in postproduction, I'd have put in some more of the music that we'd hoped to use, but couldn't afford.  I'd have made the kissing scene a little steamier, since the film was rated 'r' anyway, maybe a few more little things ...  but in the end it is what it is, and you've been really kind about it, and that's hugely appreciated.

all the best, ol

Dear Ol,
I'm writing you from Germany (Nuremberg) and my name is Katja, 24 years old. I wanna thank you for this great movie!!

I've seen it in cinema with a friend of mine, and both of us were so swapped of our feet that I pre-ordered the DVD as soon as possible. In Germany it was out mid of October, and since that time I've seen the film about 15 times and in english language too.
Sometimes when it was a really sh** day and I come home in the evening, I think "oh let's watch Imagine Me&You" and then it's like relaxing, feeling better and enjoying the really good feeling of your movie. I can feel the emotions, the actors are so real and I can put myself in some positions and feelings. I like the reactions of the parents of Rachel, reaction of Heck and the behaviour of Luce's mother ... it would be good to be like this in reality. Unfortunately it's mostly much more difficult.
So you have my perfect apprectiation for this movie!!
Just one question: is it possible to get a fan post adress/EMail-Adress or sth like that of Lena?!

hey katja,

thanks for writing, glad you're enjoying the film, even in german.  you should very definitely write to lena, she's currently busy kicking terminator ass somewhere in new mexico.  I don't actually have her fanmail address, but a quick click on google should sort you out.  I would've thought there's a website or three run by various derangedly worshipful fanatics with excellent taste, and they could direct you wherever they wish.  and if there isn't a website devoted to her then let me know, and I'll start one up.  thanks again katja, all the best, ol

Hello Ol,
Congratulations on writing and directing such a wonderful film. All the performances were fantastic, but the one that shone out for me was Lena Headey's character, Luce. She is absolutely phenominal in this film. Since watching Imagine you and me (too many times to count!!) I've become a huge fan of Lena's work. Her performance in the film Aberdeen was Oscar worthy and it's a travesty it was never released here. She really does deserve to be a huge star.
The wonderful thing about Lena is, that even if the film she's in isn't much cop, it's worth just watching for her performance alone!! I can't wait to see her in all her up and coming projects, of which there seem many - there is a god!
I've been trying desperately to get hold of the first film you made with Lena, but to no avail - you wouldn't have a copy by any chance?
Thank you again for bringing such lovely film to the screen - well done that man!

hey trish

it's very kind of you to write, and much appreciated.  yes, lena, genius, yes.  beautiful, captivating, yes.  stunning actress, yes.   it's all good with her, she is all good.  and she's terrific in 'loved up', the tv play to which you're referring, which was the first thing we ever did together.  the first screenplay I ever wrote, actually, and I was lucky enough to have her in it.  I don't actually own a copy, but it's probably worth your time if not a whole lot of your money finding it on ebay or whatnot.  my writing is the usual bollocks, but it's very well directed by my friend pete, who went on to make 'the full monty', of which you may have heard.  ian hart is superb in it, as is pretty much everybody else.  but riding high above them all, bless her,  is the object of your and everybody else's affection.  good luck trish, I hope you find it, and sorry I was absolutely no help.  all the best, ol

Dear Ol,
I am here again, as i am still under the posotive sideeffect of your brilliant film...as lot of others, too...

my questionis: what would you tell us what we have not asked yet from you, but you think is important, or interesting to know about anything, about anybody from the film?

thanx again, erika
(i am still wondering around primrose hill, beautifull)

hello erika

that's a very excellent question, which I have absolutely no idea how to answer.  there's a million things I could tell you about this film; about the thrilling time I had writing it, the struggle to get it made, my endless gratitude to the producers.  and talking of gratitude, I could tell you about the crew, how hard they worked, how loyal they were, how every day I fell and every day they caught me.  I could tell you about the cast, who fancied whom, their different  methods of working, being.  but most of all I think I should tell you that while I'm very proud of the finished product, I'm almost more proud of the time we spent making it, the dedication we showed, the friendships we formed.  it was an extraordinary time, and the questions you guys ask, the way you respond to our movie takes me right back there, and I'll always be grateful.  thanks erika, all the best, ol

Hello Mr. Parker,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your movie Imagine You and Me, it really hit me on all emotional cords.  I was wondering if you had any plans to release the screenplay in some format, either online or in a collected edition.  As an aspiring writer I found this movie to be beautifully written and would love to read the script.
Thank you for your time and best of luck on all future endeavors.

Justin Cantelo
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

hey justin

thanks for writing, being kind, if a little over-formal.  please call me ol, everyone else does.  I don't actually have a finished copy of the script, or not one that I can find.  maybe the webmaster has one, or maybe she can give you an address for some people who do ... but if you really want to write, then don't read me, read william goldman.  'adventures in the screen trade' is a good place to start, it taught me everything I hardly know.  really good luck to you, justin.  it's not always the easiest career, but the rewards can be fantastic, as the fact that I'm typing this proves.  let me know how you get on, all the best, ol

"I should warn you that I think you're getting themovies confused with real life.  which doesn't consist of hanging out on primrose hill wearing knitwear and drinking tea with lena headey.  more's the pity"

Bless you dear man! More's the pity indeed!
I have another question for you I'm afraid. Why do you think the world loves to watch British romantic comedies? Hollywood makes a steady stream of them, but the British ones always seem to have such a lasting impact on the audience. (ie. Notting Hill and Four Weddings)
Thanks again for taking the time to do this – always interesting to read your answers!
Warmest regards,
Los Angeles.

hey grace

nice to hear from you again.  hope you're still having fun in la, ruling that city.  I don't know why people like british romantic comedies more than others.  I know in the case of richard curtis it's because he's brilliant, and if he were latvian then people would still be queueing up to watch his work.  but maybe there's something he possesses that other english writers aspire to, and with which american writers are possibly less bothered; a sense of irony.  he will always undercut a romantic moment with a laugh, almost invariably successfully, but without sacrificing the romance - if you think of hugh grant's declaration of love to andie macdowell on the embankment in 'four weddings', it's a piss funny scene but also incredibly touching.  or the moment after the extraordinarily romantic kiss in the doorway in 'notting hill', where hugh continues to talk about the contents of his fridge ... richard's scripts are full of such gems.  and they mean that the films can genuinely be called romantic comedies, since they're both.  whereas many american examples of the genre - and plenty of british ones too - are either saccharine and twee, or over-the-top funny.  either of which is fine, but not as thoroughly satisfying as the rare movie which can do both.

or that's what I think, anyway.  hope it made sense.  and thanks again grace, keep on keeping on.  best, ol

Greetings from Down Under.
I know everyone says this, but I also wanted to thank you for making this remarkable film, and for having the foresight to cast such perfect actors for each part.  As Heck would say - "Well done!"  I am sure in future I will look back and say that seeing this movie has been a turning point in my life.  So THANK YOU.  My question is a really boring one.  What are the flowers that Luce gives to Rachel when she comes over for dinner?  I know they are lilies, but do you know what type?
Lisa in Sydney

hey lisa

thanks for writing, nice to think of you in sydney, I love that city.  I spent nine months there once, while my wife shot a movie, very happy times.  I think the flowers are tiger lilies.  i could be wrong, but that's what I think.  I asked for them, partly because they're gorgeous, but partly because it's actually the tiger lily that means 'I dare you to love me', and I wanted luce to be saying that to rachel, however unconsciously.  but it's entirely possible that the props department just smiled politely at me, and then did something better than I'd asked for anyway.  that's what the rest of the crew, and all the actors did, and I'm sure I wouldn't be lucky enough to be answering yours and other questions if they hadn't.  thanks again, lisa.  best, ol



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