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Fan Questions(Piper randomly answered some of the fan questions sent in)

Question from Angel from the Philippines:
What is the most challenging role that you would want to get in t he future?
St. Joan in Shaw's play

Question from Virginie from France:
What is the character that you liked to play the most?
Rachel in Imagine Me & You

Question from Miriam from Canada:
I was just wondering what drew you to the role of Rachel in Imagine Me and You?
The writing was so good, so charming, so funny.

Questions from Elspeth from Scotland:
W ould you have dealt with the situation differently had you been in Rachel's shoes?
I don't know how one could really leave Matthew Goode.

What type of audience do you think Imagine Me & You is aimed at?
anyone who's ever fallen in love at first sight

What do you think of the good old British weather?
I like it. Your rain sparkles more than ours.

Question from Veronique from Montreal:
If you could portray a character from a book of your choice, whom would that be?
Maria, from BonFire of the Vanities.

Question from Cecilia:
What new projects do you have?
I just finished a film called "Carriers" and I am starting work on "The Heaven Project".



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